Scrapbook Hunt Video Testimonials


"As producer of Avian-X TV I've had the chance to hunt waterfowl all over the U.S. and Canada. Still, Finger Lakes Hunting Service is one of the best guides services I've hunted with. Everything is top notch, from the calling to decoy spreads to scouting. I can assure you that booking a hunt with Finger Lakes Hunting Service will be one you won't regret!" ~ Jeff Shelby, Ohio

"Waterfowling Central New York State with the “Finger Lakes Hunting Service” can only be stated in one word---EXCEPTIONAL. I don’t know what’s more impressive, watching the number of birds in flight or the heavy game strap when the show is over. After twenty four seasons of hunting with Steve I can only say every hunt is truly an experience any waterfowler would want. Professional, Courteous and Successful!" ~ Ray Biglin, Pennsylvania

"I have been hunting with Steve of Finger Lakes Hunting Service for over 25 years. I return every year with family and friends because of the true hunting experience they provide. While in the blind you will witness huge flocks of migrating birds working the spread along with excellent calling followed up by great dog work. They scout their farms every day to try to put you on the "X" for the next day. Always an awesome experience!" ~ Bob Shelby, Ohio

"January 2015 was my first time hunting with Finger Lakes Hunting Service. Our guide was excellent, working very hard to set up properly and calling effectively to bring the birds in. We had a large seven-man party in a standup blind in a field with decoys all around us, overlooking the lake in the distance. We got our limit of geese in less than three hours!! Everything about their operation is first class. Thanks Finger Lakes Hunting Service for a GREAT hunt and see you again next year!!" ~ Larry Tarantello, New York

"I have been hunting ducks and geese with Steve every year since 1995 and never had a dull hunt. My group always hunts the last week of season, which is usually the second week in January for three days, even though the weather is very cold and usually lots of snow. In those past 20 years - 60 actual hunting days - I can count on one hand the very few times we did not limit out. I have hunted with some amazing dogs and have seen them grow from little puppies to their sunset years. One of my more memorable hunts was a few years ago with our friend Bill. He brought along his 11 year old daughter, Nina. She "retrieved" our birds and helped call - not sure she didn't call in more birds than her Dad. It was fun watching the future of hunting unfold that day. Finger Lakes Hunting Service is by far a top guide service. They operate multiple blinds and will move you if necessary to where the birds are flying. Steve not only offers excellent blind locations and calling techniques, but the comradery and results are over the top. Finger Lakes Hunting Service is definitely a premier destination for water fowlers. I plan to continue hunting with them every year for as long as I am able and highly recommend their services to young and old alike." ~ Bob McCormick, Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Finger Lakes Hunting Service for a very memorable hunt on Sunday, January 3rd. I would like to specially thank Heinz and Derek for their efforts on such a brutally cold day. They went out of their way under some very tough conditions to make sure we had a great hunt. I’m glad we were on with our shooting that day. It was great being out there, but it felt awful good to get back to the warmth of the vehicle. I know my son Bryan, who arranged the hunt, and his two buddies Matt and Jesse had a great time, as all they did on the short ride home was rehash the day. Please tell all involved, thanks again for a great day." ~ Greg Yerton

"I wanted to let you both know how much our whole group enjoyed the three days we spent hunting with you. You truly run a top notch and professional service. From the delicious breakfast before the hunt to the bird cleaning and joking around at the Pickin' House afterward, we all had a great time. My sons and I were awed by the number of birds, and I have never shot at birds so close! The calling and dog work were amazing. We’re hooked for life. Can't wait for next fall!" ~ Fred Cosbab, Pennsylvania

"I duck hunted with Finger Lakes Hunting Service on 12/27/2011. I want to let you know how satisfied I was with the hunt, which was very, very satisfied. I was very impressed with our young guide Derek. He was a true professional and gentleman. His calling was great, while giving clear information to know what direction to look for the ducks coming in. He always kept one eye on the hunters to be sure everyone was enjoying themselves. We had a hunt that people dream about, the sky was black with ducks, and the shooting was non-stop. The blinds were comfortable and well thought out. Saying we had fun seems like such an understatement. We had a blast. Thank you very much. I hope to return again and hunt with Finger Lakes Hunting Service." ~ Larry Giordano, New York