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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we hunt?
Our hunting takes place over four counties surrounding the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge and Cayuga Lake on more than a dozen privately owned farms.

How long do the hunts last?
We generally hunt the morning flight. To maintain quality hunting all season we have found it is good management to leave the birds alone in the afternoon. However, if it turns out to be one of those rare days when they just didn't fly in the morning, or weren't very cooperative, we will go back out after lunch to try to get you some birds. This doesn't happen often but it does happen occasionally.

What do I need to bring?
Gun, shells, New York hunting license, Federal Duck Stamp, and your HIP number. Most of the hunting will be from a dry blind setup so hip boots or waders are not rquired. However it is a good idea to check with us a few days prior to your hunt so we can update you on what it looks like for your trip. Most of our hunters shoot 12 guage chambered for 3 or 3 1/2 inches. For geese you should shoot BB's or BBB's. For ducks 2's or 3's work well. Don't forget a cooler to take the birds home. Clothing: Rubber Knee Boots, Camouflage, dull green or dull brown hunting coat and cap. We recommend layered clothing to assure warmth, especially late in the season.
Guns: We recommend 12 gauge shotguns. Shells: Non-Toxic shot is required by law - #1's or larger for Geese. And remember to bring your camera!

What should I expect on the morning of my hunt?
We will be meeting you at the Magee Country Diner at 5 am, which is about three miles North of the Waterloo Holiday Inn on Rt 414. We will have breakfast, then you will be assigned your guide for the day. We will leave the restaurant before 6 am and you will follow your guide to the field where you will be hunting for the day. In most instances you will be given a ride to the blind, but if conditions warrant we will walk out. The distances usually aren't too long. If somone in your party is not able to walk far or has a restriction please tell Scott or Steve at the restaurant and they will come up with a plan to get everyone to their location.

What about lodging?
Most of our hunters stay at the Waterloo Holiday Inn. Book online or call 315-539-5011. Tell them you are hunting with Finger Lakes Hunting Service to receive a special rate. Ask for in house reservations" and let them know you are hunting with Finger Lakes Hunting Service. We have arranged a special rate for our clients. For details, see our page on accommodations. There is also a Hampton Inn and a Microtel near by.

What about bird cleaning?
After our hunt you may take the birds home or we can head to the "PH" (Pickin House), where we can all pitch in and breast our harvest, maybe have a beverage, swap stories of shots made (or missed) with the other groups and reflect on a great time. Don't forget your knife. If you would like to have your birds cleaned for you we will arrange that at a cost of $3/bird. Tagged birds may be left in the refridgerator or freezer for you to pick up when you head home.